Now, here is my story about how I lost weight by drinking three glasses of freshly produced fruit and veggie juice everyday. Well, I was never severely overweight, however, it probably started in my late twenties when slowly but steadily, I gained more and more pounds.

I always worked out on a regular basis, but I also ate a lot. Not necessarily fast food, but a lot of carbohydrates like pasta and rice for example. Mostly sprinkled with a nice layer of shredded swiss cheese. And I drank beer. Lots of beer! I’m from Germany and beer drinking is part of our tradition (years, later I came to realize what a stupid tradition it was to by proud of, but that’s for another article). So I typically washed down a few plates of high in carbs foods with a few liters of beer everyday. And I kept going shopping for the next bigger clothing size.

At some point I got so fed up with myself, the way I looked and more so, the way I felt. I didn’t feel healthy anymore. I was sweating a lot, my skin was red and I had pimples in my face. I knew that this came from my unhealthy diet, unfortunately though, it took me over a decade until I was ready to do something about my situation. A friend of mine who is a hobby marathon runner, recommend a few books to read, one of which was about raw food, juicing and health. After reading the book, I thought I had nothing to lose and therefore I went out to get a juicer. I went through a few juicers actually until I finally hooked up with my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. I was committed to at least have two classes of freshly produces fruit and veggie juice (one glass with fruit juice and a second one with juiced veggies) everyday and in lieu of lunch and the beer. And I stuck to the plan.

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