There are many reasons why we don’t do things that we know are good for us. When I first was exposed to meditation, at about 19 years of age, I was working on my first academic degree. I had begun studying the positive effects of meditation. My exposure to meditation was very scientific, very medical. I learned how meditation was good for your heart, your stress levels and just overall good for your health. I would describe it all in very scientific and medical descriptions exclusively.

While I knew it was good for me to meditate I wasn’t overly concerned with keeping my blood pressure down and such. I was a typical 19 year old student and didn’t worry about “long term effects”. Luckily, I did enjoy the benefits of meditation from the very beginning; however, I think that what I didn’t realize at the time that I wasn’t meditating regularly because I didn’t make the time to meditate. While I enjoyed meditating I was “too busy” to take the time out regularly to practice it. I basically practiced meditating intermittently and not on a consistent basis.

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